Dentures in Crediton

Which Denture is right for me?

There are so many different variations of dentures available that the only way of helping you properly is to see you in the chair. I offer a totally free of charge consultation, where I can assess your needs and we can agree together on the best way forward.

Choosing the right type of denture is a potentially difficult decision and one that I am happy to help you with. It is a simple fact of life that you get what you pay for. We are all aware of the false economy of buying cheap. Spending more on your denture will allow me to buy better quality materials, which will result in a far superior prosthesis. Please call today to discuss your new dentures.

How is the Denture better?

Think about a denture in two parts; the pink part (which is the denture base) and the teeth. A better denture base will be better fitting, stronger and more light weight, because it is made using an injection moulded procedure. If we can spend more on the teeth, we can produce more aesthetically pleasing teeth, which are nicer looking and harder wearing, so therefore longer lasting.

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