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Should a denture be worn at night?

Wear your new dentures as much as you can during the first month - even when you sleep. Afterwards, it is considered best practice to remove them at night. Research has shown that leaving your dentures out for at least 8 hours out of every 24 hours, will allow the gums and palate to rest and allows normal stimulation and cleaning by the tongue and saliva. Do you wear your shoes to bed? It's nice to let your feet 'breathe' at the end of the day isn't it?

However, that said, the loss of dignity that many patients feel when they remove their teeth in front of their partners is hugely significant.

If this sounds like you, then wear them at all times - you should never sacrifice your dignity. If you prefer to do this, you may find the following tricks useful:

1. Use a SOFT toothbrush to clean the gums, using toothpaste or denture cream.

2. Rinse with a non-alcohol based mouthwash. Alcohol based products can dry the mouth out and that is not good for denture wearers.

3. Keep your denture very clean.

The First few days.

The first few days wearing your new dentures can require some perseverance.

If you are experiencing a LITTLE soreness, give it some time and things should settle quickly.

If your mouth is painful, then you must return to the clinic and have the dentures adjusted.

The post fit adjustments are normal and necessary.

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